September – Newsletter

September – Newsletter

September 21, 2018  

Chairman’s Update

Can you believe we only have a few weeks left in the 2018 TREPAC year? We’ve accomplished so much this year, but we’re not done yet!
We are in the home stretch, and there are still things you can do to help TREPAC finish the year strong:
  • Make last minute phone calls to bring in the final dollars
  • Have a conversation with your colleagues about finishing their pledge
  • Complete your own pledge through your local association, or at
  • Consider moving up to the next award level, or even becoming a Major Investor
  • Get your investment in by October 1st!
David Alan Cox
2018 TREPAC Chairman

All eyes are on the General Elections. The last day to register to vote is October 9th and Early Voting begins October 22!
Your PAC Trustees met during the TAR conference and approved additional dollars for the general election.
Check out who TREPAC is supporting from local races all the way to the Governor at Vote. Act. Invest.

Have your Major Investors fulfilled their pledges?
Last year, Texas had 1,034 Major Investors, the most of any other state! Our goal this year is to reach 1,065.
Now is the time to ensure all pledges are collected by the October 1 deadline to be counted for their 2018 investment and RPAC Major Investor recognition. Please contact your association or visit the AE dashboard to view detailed pledge information for the 2018 fundraising year.

Still time to enter the TREPAC Video Contest & Win Big!
The deadline to enter has been extended!
Submit your best TREPAC commercial by October 1st to enter the TREPAC Video Contest!
Last year’s winner wanted to “Pump You Up” for TREPAC and comes from the Lubbock Association of REALTORS®, and even Lt. Governor Dan Patrick has seen it!
Your video will be played and voted on LIVE at TREPAC/GA Orientation in October, then posted to YouTube to help local associations promote TREPAC!
Video submissions are due October 1. Click here for more details

Texas REALTORS Conference:
We just finished up a wildly successful Texas REALTORS® Conference in San Antonio, and would like to thank everyone involved!
Over 1,100 REALTORS® from all over Texas joined together to learn about the industry and how to protect it. Attendees were able to view first hand technology advances, and were able to participate in education opportunities.
From small breakout sessions to hearing from Helicopter Captain Vernice “Fly Girl” Armor, attendees were given the tools and inspiration to be a success.
There was even a surprise appearance from Hanz and Franz with Lt. Governor Dan Patrick!
TREPAC Night at the Alamo was truly a night to remember. On the hallowed grounds of the Alamo, REALTORS® joined together as a family to break bread, hear from elected officials and candidates, and enjoy the night air. In all we raised close to $60,000 for TREPAC! Thank you Texas REALTORS®!
TREPAC also had a strong presence at the Texas REALTORS® Expo! Attendees had to opportunity to spin the TREPAC “Wheel of Misfortune” where they learned about the heavy regulations and thousands of taxes they would have to pay, in a world where TREPAC didn’t exist. These were real examples of where we have worked with our legislators to defeat legislation that would have been harmful to our industry.
We also had a hugely popular silent auction where one lucky bidder walked away with a Tesla! Okay, it wasn’t a real car, but it was a motorized Tesla car for kids. I guarantee you that lucky kiddo will be the coolest kid rolling on the sidewalk! Remember, when you bid on auction items, the dollars you spend there are counted towards your TREPAC investments!
Thank you again Texas REALTORS® for connecting with TREPAC!!

Upcoming Events:
October 10-11:
TREPAC/Governmental Affairs Orientation 
Austin, TX
This year’s theme, “TREPAC Live,” will be an event you won’t want to miss. This is your opportunity to learn about TREPAC and help plan your 2019 TREPAC year. Leaders from other states will be in attendance to see why Texas is so successful. The secret is … your participation makes TREPAC/GA Orientation so special! Start planning who will represent your association.
Contact Eileen Wolf at 512-370-2161 for questions regarding registration. We look forward to seeing all of you in Austin, October 10-11!
November 2-5:
REALTORS® Conference & Expo:
Boston, MA
It’s time to register for the NAR Annual Conference in Boston! If you’re attending this year, NAR is hosting a 5k benefiting the REALTOR® Relief fund, so make sure to sign up for TEAM TEXAS.
Don’t like to run? No problem! Donate $50 to the relief fund under “Team Texas” and help Texas shine, and give back to those who came to our aide during Hurricane Harvey.
Contact Leslie Cantu for more information on this exciting event!

TREPAC 5 for 5:
Congratulations to Patty Spiller, the first Trustee to Complete the TREPAC 5 for 5 Challenge!
Patty has already certified 19 Brokerages and 5 Affiliates this year!
If you haven’t heard, the Education Committee has challenged every Trustee to certify five brokerages and five affiliates this year. You still have time to rise up to the challenge.
Visit your Resources for TREPAC Leaders on our website for more information on these certifications, or contact Dallas Reed or your local TREPAC Trustee.

Legal Corner
Do you have any legal questions? If so, make sure to submit your question for next month’s Legal Corner.

TRLP – Texas RELATORS® Leadership Program
We just wrapped up an exciting TRLP session in Austin which focused on government affairs. 162 REALTOR® Leaders joined at the Texas Capitol where they heard directly from Legislators, staff, and government affairs industry leaders.
The Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program educates participants and shows them how to use their talents to make a difference in their professional and personal areas of interest.
The program consists of eight modules, usually presented once per month. It is delivered through local associations and is not offered at the state level. If you are interested in participating in a class, please contact your local association to find out when the next class starts.

Welcome to the new!
We have revamped and reorganized the TREPAC website to be your one stop shop for all things TREPAC!
Our goal is to have everything you need in one easily navigable place! If you see something that’s missing, or something you’d like to see on the website, contact Dallas Reed.